Monday, 15 February 2016

A quilt for sale and changes to my design

Wow we have had a busy time lately.  They say things come in threes and we have had our three.

It started with us buying a caravan, we were so excited and travelled all the way to the Gold Coast to pick it up (over 300 km) on the return journey,100km from home our car started to play up.  We would loose power and then suddenly regain it. Fortunately we are members of RACQ, they put the car on the back of the tow truck and hitched the caravan to the tow ball and took us Home.  Not quite the trip we envisaged.  The following week the Reverse Quilter was bitten by a dog while working and his father has become too frail to care for himself and we have gone through the process of finding a nursing home.

I have managed to find some time to do some quilting, a small raggy quilt for sale

I have been working on my daughters quilt and there has been a complete change to the design.  I found the large hexies turned out wonky so went for an easier option of circles.

The block circles for the reverse applique are finished and it was then I discovered I did not have enough of the chosen fabric for the background of the block .  

I should know by now not to ask the the reverse quilter what fabric to use as his favourite colour is red.

We browsed the homespun on to see what was available.

OMG I know my our daughter wanted a bright quilt but this is what he chose.

I guess when you lay the circles for the applique on the fabric it does not look too bad.

If all goes to plan the finished quilt will look something like this.

Happy crafting 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Getting the Colours Right

Happy New Year to you all.

Do you have a hard time choosing colours for your quilts it is one my  biggest stumbling blocks.  I admire colour choices made by other quilters and some colour schemes are pretty easy to get right. Red, white, black and grey, these colours you can use all of them together or in any combination but with other colour combinations it is not so obvious. Generally I buy fabric because I love the colour, pattern or feel and I tend not to think of its final use.   So how do you mix colours or decide on colour combinations?  I think I have found an easy way.

While surfing pintrest, I came across a chart called colour combos that work. 

The chart got me thinking about the colours I use and I realised my stash has a limited colour palette and very few what I would call blenders.  (Colours that will blend with others)  

I am sure we have all read articles on matching colours and tones and large and small prints, but for me it is not easy and some times my quilts don't have the wow factor I am looking for.  I though how great it would be to have a "go to" selection of colour combos that I can choose from, you know a bit like paint combos.  I have had a great time on pintrest and here it is  a link to my pintrest album  Colour Combos with over 300 colour combos to choose from

I took the chart on my last shopping spree and was able to move out of my comfort Zone and buy colours I would never have looked at before.  I chose plain colours, mustard and grey fabrics, every piece was something I would not have looked at before. Not one of them is anything exciting but it will be interesting to see the end results when combined with fabrics from my stash.

Hope you enjoy browsing colour combinations

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Cuppa Time and a Catch Up

I have had a 5 month break and some more sad times after loosing our 12 year old Boxer dog it is time to start crafting and blogging again.

First on the agenda it a visit to some of the the wonderful bloggers  I follow. It is like catching up with old friends

Cath at has been doing some hand stitching on one of her projects.  The little bear on her swing is very sweet.

Helen from has made some beautiful quilted Christmas candle holders has had surgery.  I wish her all the very best.

Karin has visited the Craft and Quilt fair and has purchased a beautiful Asian style panel by  Robert Kaufman. To see the stunning pannel and the beutiful fabrics Karin has the purchased pop on over

Congratulations to Rosemary who has almost completed her Farmgirl Vintage quilt.  The quilt has an amazing range of blocks in it.

I have been incridebly lucky this month.  I had a win on the Melbourne cup and on the same day my beautiful daughter and her partner surprised us with a visit all the way from Darwin.  They stayed for 2 days and I was able to get some answers about the design and colours for her quilt.

Her request was a modern quilt the brighter the better.  As she is legally blind without her glasses so I can get why she wants bright but for me who tends to use lots of florals and subtle colors it is a bit of a challenge.  I have thrown all previous designs out the door and here is the final design.  The hexagons will be made from batiks to give the quilt the brightness Regan wants.

Until next time happy crafting

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Welcome Matisse and Goodbye Bob

I have had an incredibly happy and sad week.  At the beginning of the week we had the joy of our first grand child Matisse

and the heart bracking sadness of Bob dying suddenly yesterday.

For those of you who did not know Bob he became my constant companion when I came home from hospital after brain surgery.  He was always on my shoulder or into mischief. 

He would hide in the quilts I was making, put buttons in my cup of coffee and harass my husband for his breakfast.  His favourite was toast and jam.  He would hide down my shirt and grab my knitting needles causing stitches to fall off.  He sat on the shower rose while I showered and rubbed his head against my cheek when sitting on my shoulder . Run pigeon-toed along the bench to pinch cornflakes from our bowl.  Magazines were not safe he would chew them while you were reading and put the paper into his feathers to make a nest.  Bob was with me when I started my blog, sitting on my shoulder head butting me for attention. He would climb into my hand for a head rub if I was typing too long. We had a special bond and I will miss him.  It will be a while until I blog again. Here are photos of some of his antics.

Cheers to you all and happy blogging

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Busy Busy Busy and still waitng

Wow never a dull moment.  

I have been busy cutting fabric for a group I have started on Facebook, giving Australian quilters a chance to sell off unwanted quilting items.  So far we have over 200 members and lots of for sale items.  All very exciting 

If you want to find us just log into Facebook,  copy and past -  Quilters De-Stash. ( No Retail Outlets)  - into the Facebook search and hopefully we will pop up.

If you see this photo then you know you have found us

Here are some fat quarters I have for sale

I am glad I have been busy setting up the group because we are still waiting for our granddaughter to arrive.  She is 3 days late but then the saying is all good things come to those who wait.  Not sure her mum wants to wait much longer.  

Happy Crafting

Monday, 8 June 2015

A Quick Bob and another Facebook Group

For those of you who have been following for a while know Bob and know he can be a little mischievous.  One of his favourite this is hiding and to find him involves a lot of calling and him answering.  The other day I came home and let him out of his cage, within minutes he had disappeared and the game began.  After a lot of calling and looking in the usual places i was getting a little concerned.  Eventually I looked in the bag I had taken to Mah jong and found his hiding place lol.

Last time I posted I wrote about the FaceBook groups I joined, here are the last two fabric postcards made for the swap group Aussie Fabric Postcard Swap

The themes were the letter L and silhouette

The other group I have joined is Aussie Patchwork Fabric and UFO Destash Group. 
Members of the group are helpful and if you are looking for advise or a piece of fabric to finish a project they will search their stash to help you out.  I was lucky to get some bright fabric scraps to combine with a vintage style embroidery.  This is the finished quilt / wrap for a baby

When I first joined the group it was made up of crafters wanting to destash some of their fabrics but over time it has become like ebay with stores joining the site.  There is some bargains to be had but with the added postage some are more than you would pay for an item at spotlight or in stores.  Lots of scrap bundles and inexpensive patterns to be found It is just a matter of sifting through the for sale posts.

Keep well and happy crafting

Monday, 30 March 2015

Out of touch

Wow it is sooo long since I last blogged.  (now that sounds like a Sunday Confession lol) 

I have visited you all and looked at your creations So many beautiful things and so many talented people.

I have been crafting 

  •  Quilt  started and finished, 
  • Button bouquet and flowers made. 
  • Three embroideries for my etsy store
  • Button ball decorations made
  • Craft room cleaned and garage sale held
  • New facebook groups joined.
  • A UFO re-purposed 
I am a member of the Quilt Club Australia Group via facebook.  What a great group, lots of eye candy to look at, lots of information and a very  supportive group willing to share hints and tips. 

I was a member of a yahoo group for making fabric postcard and enjoyed making and swapping cards.  Sadly Yahoo made changes and the group was very hard to access.  Recently I found an Australian group on facebook, Aussie Fabric Post Card Swap .  This month I am taking part in my first swap, the theme is the letter L hmmmm. Lace, lollies, lavender or maybe lipstick I am yet to decide.  It is always exciting to see what your partner has made. Aussie fabric Postcard 

One of my completed embroideries.  He is so sweet, I enjoyed making this

I have used this one as the centre for a baby quilt

Until next time stay safe